Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Weekend in Wynnum

3 July 2009 - 5 July 2009
Rather than pack up and head into the city or another suburb of Brisbane, we invited some of our friends round to Wynnum for the weekend. After all, the inlaws have a brilliant view of the bay and contrary to the beliefs of people who live closer to town, we have all you could really need out here: fish and chips shops, bottlos (places that sell alcohol), grocery stores. What more could you ask for?

So, begrudingly, our faraway friends made the lllloooong journey to Wynnum for a weekend away (it's not really that far, I'm just trying to make them feel better for whinging so much). The usual antics took place: too much drinking, a living room dance party and then too little sleep.

An unusual event took place, however. The sunrise streaming
into the room got us all out of bed really early. The night before there'd been talk of staying up until sunrise, but this did not
actually end up happening. Instead, we got up and watched it. Hmm, maybe we're getting old. . .

We got up, walked down along the bay. There we saw many of the things that make living on bay so nice: seagulls, pelicans, men going out fishing, families out sailing. We all fought
over the camera as it was all so picturesque. Instead of rattling on, I'll let the rest of this blog post be told in images.

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