Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Rebuttal: 'Aussie blokes make the worst husband, study says'

The Courier Mail posted a story today citing a study saying that Aussie blokes make the worst husbands. Australia ranked as the least egalitarian society out of 12 developed nations. According the story, Aussie men are less likely to help with chores and child care (traditionally seen as women's work).

I have to say from my experience, Aussies make great husbands. My own is a good example, though certainly not the only one. He's tidier than I am and (I hate to admit this, especially in writing that can and will be used against me) probably does more housework than I do. Perhaps it balances out when considered against the fact that I might cook a few more meals, but we both do more of what we care about: him, a clean house, me, good food. I have observed stacks of other Aussie men of our generation that do their best to have egalitarian relationships. I'm thinking in particular about a couple who are good friends of mine, her: Kiwi, him: Aussie, that seem to share life's duties quite evenly. I've never once seen him shy away from a dirty diaper, bath time, the dishes or cooking a meal.

The article recommends a husband from Scandinavia, Great Britain or the US. I prefer to keep my Aussie man, thank you very much.

What do you all think? Americans? Aussies?


Jason said...

My (husband) and I tend to share the housework, generally! :) But I reckon it's bull$hit. How can they generalise so deeply? Did they go and speak to a few million Australian men and do a massive population-wide research study? ...

Ian Red said...

I reckon it's spot on, and they're a bunch of useless bastards (particularly when the footy/cricket/golf/etc is on the telly).
On the other hand, they are much better in bed than the Poms (anyone's better in bed than the English), cold-hearted Swedes or the Yanks (who just want to get out and boast to their "buddies"). There. Is that enough generalisations in one post?

Kali said...

Well, I've never married an Aussie myself, but I don't think they are any worse than others, I just like to have cross-cultural issues to blame misunderstandings on! But the point I see there is that inequality between the sexes is still perhaps more deeply embedded in Australian society than those of use who move in well-educated and well-travelled circles would like to believe.

Simon Drake said...

First rule to remember is Never Trust the Courier Mail. It's a sensationalist and popularist newspaper in a one-newspaper town.
Second rule is that you can not trust a report titled: "Household Division of Labor and Cross-Country Differences in Household Formation Rates". Why not compare "Australian husbands" to husbands who burn their wives, make them wear headscarves, or at the other extreme, take it up the you know what from demented feminists point-scoring against males because they are easy targets.
Rant. Over.

Arna said...

I agree with you Tabs. I wouldn't trade my Aussie husband for anything :-) xxx