Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Saturday: A photo essay

Oh how we love our new van!

Let's take it to the river. . .

and go for a swim!

The moon's getting up, perhaps we should head home.

BUT the van won't start. . .

A friendly CHP officer shows up to lend a hand (look how dark it's gotten!).

Then 3 1/2 hours after we first contacted Triple AAA, our tow truck showed up. No thanks to Triple AAA though, they were fine to leave us stranded.
Thanks Sinclairs Towing for seeing us safely home!

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Justin S. said...

I am from AAA National Member Relations. I apologize for the extremely long delay you had to endure. If you would allow me the opportunity to look into your service call with the AAA Club, I would appreciate it. If you could please provide me with your membership number I will look into this right away. Thank you!
Justin S.