Monday, September 14, 2009

Time to Stop Procrastinating

Hello?! Is there anybody still out there? I wouldn't be surprised if you have all abandoned me. I have been extremely slack about writing over the past few weeks. In part it's procrastination, but it's also the dread of facing the empty computer screen. . .

Today, a rainy day, means I can't go sell fruit and veg at the stand. It's time to stop avoiding writing and just get to it. I've got assignments for MatadorU coming out the wazoo. Stay tuned folks, later today there will be posts to read!


Rob said...

Yep, still here. On of the benefits of using Google Reader to subscribe.

There's a fruit and veritable stand involved? Where'd that come from?

Tabs said...

Fruit and vegetable! A friend of mine from high school started a farm and I spend my days selling the "fruits of his labor".