Saturday, November 7, 2009

An Autumn's Afternoon in Chico

Featured Writer: Rohan Smith

Note from Editor
This month will feature a series of photo essays from my husband, Rohan, as he explores our new town. Today he takes us on a walk through the streets of Chico, California. I hope you enjoy Rohan's essay and tune in later in the month for more!

On a beautiful afternoon in our new neighbourhood Tabatha and I take our camera for a walk and observe the change of seasons as reflected in the...

giant trees of green...

streets of yellow...

skies of fire,

...and crimson.

We take a turn into Bidwell Park...

where some of the town's young practice their performance...

or read in the afternoon sun.

Our walk home takes us through neighbourhoods. . .

past beautiful old homes, like this one below built early last century.

And this one; Tab's old rental home. She shared the basement of this house with 3 other girls back in the booze and debauchery days of her late teen years.

And back home.

by: Rohan

What's the season like where you are? What's currently got you stoked? Share your comments by clicking the Comments link below.

The Editor


Carol Smith said...

LOVE the photos of 'our town' and the poetic words. Am inspired to do one of downtown in my town. Keep your eyes on this spot.

Matt said...

Nice shots! Great colour.
It must be good to be living it.

So where are you cats drinking these days? I imagine there's a local of some description you're supporting. A couple of shots with a pint in hand would be nice.

Also, can we see inside your place
preferably with you both in the shots? (And in normal clothes -- that nylon hat scared the hell out of me!)

> What's the season like where you are?

Heading for summer.
Two storms last that flew in over Mt Coot-tha and one on Sunday blew in from the bay.

Not so much rain in either of them.

> What's currently got you stoked?

Mundane stuff really.
Got a tax cheque, but, and here's a sure sign of getting old, I'll probably spend it on dentistry.

Off to Sydney for a weekend end of the month for a friend's engagement party. (Cocktail dress code will require some new clothes.)

Apart from that it's work and hanging out for Christmas, while looking for new drinking buddies.

Miss you both!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful to see you both in your gorgeous environment...oh those colours!!

Stay safe and love to you both.