Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Just another day

I got up this morning about ten minutes after Rohan left for work. Sleeping in was an option I seriously considered, but I wanted to spend one of my last days of unemployed freedom at the farm.

I had a cup of green tea while reading a chapter in "Lark and Termite" by Jayne Anne Phillips, a book checked out from the library and found through my research into banned books in America. Ate a bowl of muesli with pomegranate and soy milk. Got dressed, watched a bit of a lecture from given by Barbara Ehrenreich about positive thinking.

Chris picked me up and together with his three pit bulls, we went to the farm. We caught the goats and tied them up in the overgrown tomato field to eat, poop and be merry. We spent the next part of the morning weeding the lettuce, spinach, cabbage and broccoli and laying out drip line.

Once the lines were laid we planted more cauliflower starts. Wading through the fluffy tilled field was more like walking through snow than dirt. After we got a hundred or so plants in, Chad showed up. The three of us worked together planting about 800 plants: more cauliflower, more broccoli, more lettuce and a few squash. It's incredible how much food can be planted by only three people!

We finished the day off by picking some spinach and pulling up a few carrots, which will be part of tonight's dinner. Not an Incredible, Amazing, Wonderful day, but instead a quietly satisfying one.

Baby Broccoli

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