Thursday, June 3, 2010

Where are you now?

Our first stop after leaving Heartland Mesa in New Mexico was White Sands National Park: a beautiful place made up of miles upon miles of blindingly white sand and dotted with a few scraggly bushes. After a couple of hours wandering through the desert, we hopped in the van to head to the next tourist destination: Carlsbad Caverns.

Carlsbad Caverns, located in eastern New Mexico turned out to be an excellent place to spend a hot day. Below the ground the slight humidity lent our parched skin a bit of relief from the arid New Mexico weather. In addition to cooler temperatures and damp air, the caverns provided interesting viewing: formations that ranged in appearance from a group of gnomes preparing to take over the world above to delicate icicles clinging to cathedral ceilings.

We did our first overnight trek of the trip that night. We hiked a couple of miles in and camped next to Enchanted Rock. At this point we are in Texas where the air is so thick and warm it feels like breathing in a bath. Feels just like Brissie in the summer!

From Enchanted Rock we drove to our next farm: Munkebo Farm outside of Austin, Texas. Our days here were spent with LOTS of ducks, a male goose who fancied himself a female duck (seriously!), four other "woofers" (Meg, Heath, Beck, and Sean), the owner, Germaine, her boyfriend, Ivan, and his brother, Milo, horses, a donkey, dogs, cats and cows.

We dug cacti, shoveled manure, dug new garden beds and planted herbs and veggies. Our accessories instead of fancy handbags and shoes were a shovel and a water bottle. Our afternoons were typically spent relaxing our work sore muscles and laughing. I laughed harder over the week and a half we spent at Munkebo than I have in years. Along with sore shoulders, arms and backs we all ended up with aching tummies and cheeks from near constant merriment. We were fed really well and when it came time to leave, we'd developed an attachment to the people and the place, though not so much ducks.

Next stop: Surfside Beach, near Galveston, Texas. It'd been a year since either Rohan or I had taken a dip in the sea and we both felt it was well overdue. Though the beaches of Texas aren't as clean (we had some folks next to us leave an empty 24 pack of beer, cans included and the packaging from their dinner lying on the beach) those in Aus, the water was warm and the sun was shining, woo hoo!

New Orleans, Louisiana was our next destination, where we stayed with our good friends Mark and Mary. We got our own room there, our own bathroom and Mark and Mary treated us very well. I discovered my new favorite food: boiled crawfish coupled with daiquiris. If you should be running short on time, you can get your daiquiri at the drive thru or to go. We could've stayed in Nawlins forever, but before either one of us developed a serious drinking problem, we thought it best to keep on keeping on.

We arrived in Tennessee a couple of days ago. We'll be going to Bonnaroo (a massive music festival) in a couple of days, but before that we're heading into the Smoky Mountains for a two night hike. Keep an eye out for updates! Hope everyone is well.


Anonymous said...

WOW! Those white sands photos are amazing. Not so sure about the 'gator though. It looks too close for comfort. Great to hear all the news. Love Carol

Mary and Sean said...

what a fabulous cross country trip. makes me want to roadtrip now!